Hunting exhibition - Salzburg!

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Hello everybody!!  It's Carol!
Yesterday I was at a hunting exhibition in Salzburg. Of course, I am thinking of you. And so here you have some photos!! This exhibition was in the hall which is called: Reed Messe Salzburg. In this hall several exhibitions take place every year.

In the beginning, I will show you a photo of the hall, to see how big it is!
Although it does not seem too big, believe me, it really is big!!

What I like most about this exhibition are preparations trophies. It's wonderful what you will see preparations there for!! I will show you few of them in the pictures!
These are preparations, which are adapted to entertain people. I think that it just destroys the whole trophy.

Further on  hunting exhibition might not  be just hunting things, but you will also find cars or fishing.

 And here's the rest of the photos:

 These coats are made of genuine fox fur

Every year to the show in Salzburg, I buy a traditional white sausage! :D It is very good!!

 Traditional hunting clothes in Austria! :)

And what I've bought?

I bought a pendant and a handbag!

And what about you?? Have you ever been on a hunting exhibition?? And if so, how did you like it??



Thanks for your comments! - Carol and Vero

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