My Favorite Serials and Films! *Carol*

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Today I want to tell you, what are my favorite serials and movies!
Let's go!!!

1) Serials!
My favorite serials are probably just two, and this: The walking dead and American Horror story!
I like, but also other serials for example, The Big Bang Theory, or friends, etc ..  Almost all serials are great !! :)

The walking dead:
My favorite character is Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Michonne (Danai Gurira). This are great actors!! All actors in The walking dead are great!!
I've seen a few times all series that were filmed :D (I'm crazy!!)

American horror story:
My favorite character is Tate Langdon in 1. series ! This is a great actors!
All series are divine, but 1. series is simply the best! I love this serial!!!
 Tate Langdon ( Evan Peters ) ♥♥♥

I've got an awful lot of favorite movies!!

I will give at least three:
First is Harry Potter!! This is really the best films!

Second is The Twilight Saga!
I can't help but this is just too beautiful movie. :)

All parts have something to himself!!

And third is Avatar!!
avatar is simply a movie that is great from beginning to end !!

So it would be today everything. I hope you liked the article!!

Goodbye!!! *Carol*


Thanks for your comments! - Carol and Vero

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