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Hello people!! 

It's Carol.... I thought that today I could show you a few of my favorite perfumes! OK let's go!

The first perfumes I have here are Playboy and Beyoncé!
Certainly you all know these perfumes!! Who doesn't?? It does not matter, because I will now tell how these perfumes smell!
Beyoncé: Heat Rush: when you sniff to this perfume, you feel: red orange, cherry, white tiger orchid, mango blossom and many other ingredients!
Playboy: Play It Sexy... : This fragrance is a fruity floral and I must admit that this is a really great fragrance!

A perfume that is red. I really like it. I bought it in small shop and I can't complain!
Perfume from Miss Sporty, honestly I don't know what it is like yet because I got it for Christmas this year, but I believe it will be definitely also great!

Vittorio Bellucci: L'amour: when you see that smell somewhere, I suggest you buy her !!, it is simply divine scent. when her smells you smell lily, roses, jasmine and mandarin, lemon, grapefruit and a little vanilla. :)
Miss Sporty: Pump Up Booster: main scent that smells are peonies and raspberries! I'm looking forward, when I will use this perfume! :)

And finally, my very favorite perfume and it's Burberry Classic, Femei. That is really so great that you'll never want to use another!
Burberry Classic, Femei: When you smell it, you feel beautiful mixture of scents and this are peach, apricot, Santalum, cedar and Amber!! This perfume is really recommended, because there is no better already!

So it would be all today, and what are your favorite perfumes?

*Carol* and xx Vero


  1. I love the scents from Jil Sander "SUN" and Betty Barclay "No1". They are both my favourites since many, many years :-*

    Melanie /

    1. These perfumes don't know, but I'm sure they are great !! :)

  2. Must try them!

    The Cutielicious

  3. Ahh o da Beyonce e da Playboy são bons demais !

    Kisses !! :)

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  4. Burberry is my favorite!


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