Library time!

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Hello! A few weeks ago I was in the library and I this is what I have borrowed...!
The hound of the Baskerville is a detective story written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It is considered to be the classic of English literature. The plot of the story is really interesting and it's also very thrilling. I can recommend it to you if you like detective stories from old England!

Who doesn't know Stephen King?? Okay maybe someone doesn't, but anyways he is the king of horror novels. I borrowed this audio book read by Lindsay Crouse. It's really long, but worth it. It tells a story of a gloomy writer and his care-taker Annie.

...and this maybe doesn't belong here, but everyone loves food! This is a potato triangle with spice.

Have a nice day!
xx Vero


  1. I wanna read that book now! Seems so much fun! x
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  2. Food belongs EVERYWHERE ;-) Even in a book post.

  3. Great choice! And that potato triangle looks soo good!! <3

  4. Great choice! And that potato triangle looks soo good!! <3

  5. Beautiful post dear! I like this a lot.

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  6. I really like Stephen King's horror novels too, they're always very scary! :)

  7. haha food belongs everywhere babes. You have a nice blog.

  8. Stephen king's are my favorite author but I love the movie better than reading it, I got more suspense from watching :) Thank you xoxo

  9. Hahahaha, true, everyone loves food. I like the potatoe trangle!
    Thanks a lot for your last comment : )


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