How to make: A Mexican Piñata!

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Hello! We are terribly sorry for our inactivity! I hope you did not give up on us. We will work very hard to prevent this from happening again.

Now here is a crafty post about the Mexican Piñata! (or at least the easier version of it) This colourful container is commonly associated with Mexico. It is filled with various things from candy to toys, and then broken with a stick as a part of a celebration.

So first I needed this paper template.

Then I redrawn it twice on a cardboard.

In step 3, I connected both templates together with a 5-centimetres wide cardboard strip.

And before the final closing, I added a few surprises - tea bags, cafe, ...

Then I went into the external decorating. I needed various colours of crepe paper, scissors and glue stick.

...and this is the final result!

Have you ever heard of piñata? How do you like it?
xx Vero


  1. What a colorful and cool piñata! a fun thing to have ^^

  2. I love your pinata, very creative :-)
    Have a lovely Summer :-)
    Maria from DK


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