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Hello! We know it's been a while... But we have been to Italy. We are very sorry for this!
And we are also coming up with a new post-plan, if you don't mind - from now on, we are going to post every Tuesday and Friday. We really hope you don't mind!
We hope we won't lose our dear readers! Our previous post-plan was often really difficult to follow for us.

Now this post is about a new Aussie shampoo! Have you ever heard of this Australian brand? Their philosophy is: "There's more to life than hair but it's a good place to start." This brand was created in 1979.
We have been to a drugstore with Carol last week and that's where we found this shampoo - in a sale for $5. There were many types of shampoos and conditioners and I chose this one - Frizz Miracle for frizzy, flyaway hair!

This shampoo's main ingredient is Australian Blue Gum Leaves extract - from the Australian Eucalyptus tree. This shampoo's got a blue colour and smells like a beautifully scented bubblegum!

If you are willing to invest in a bit more expensive shampoo, I recommend this one! - if your hair is also "frizzy, flyaway, please sit still". :) It also makes a very good foam!

Have you also ever tried something from Aussie?

P.S. I have also found hairstyle tutorials on their website - click HERE! :)


Thanks for your comments! - Carol and Vero

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