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Hello! Carol is sorry she didn't post anything on Friday, but she didn't have the electricity!
When we visited Prague in July, we also visited this famous french bakery - Paul. And we had macarons for the first time. Finally! They were delicious!

The branch we visited was by the metro station "Anděl". It's on Smíchov - Prague 5. We didn't plan to visit the bakery, but I was hoping we would run into it - and luckily, we did!

We enjoyed the visit so much. The atmosphere inside was amazing, they were playing quiet french music and while we were sitting there, we could have enjoyed looking at another delicious products we want to try next time!

Macarons easily melt in the mouth, they are mildly moist and simply delicious. But they are often said to be difficult to make.

What's your favourite macaron flavour? 

xx Vero


  1. I LOVE macarons! They are super delicious, and the colors make them so adorable too. I have a friend who makes them, and they are soo good. I want to try making them but it seems quite difficult to get right.

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

  2. Yummy ! I really love your photos :)


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