Crusty schnitzel!

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Hello! What's your favourite dish to eat on the weekends? For us, it was this schnitzel wrapped in cornflakes. If you'll get a chance, try this out! It's really delicious.

You'll need some pork meat, tenderized and peppered.

Here is a bag of cornflakes...

...and you'll have to mash them a little.

Then here is a basic mix wrapping - flour and peppered eggs.

...and this is the result! Enjoy your meal.

xx Vero


  1. Hah! Ale pomysl. Muszę go koniecznie wypróbować :)

  2. I love Schnitzel, it is so delicious ! Thank you for this recipe :)

  3. I am really happy to see a post about food! It's so amazing. this recipe looks so delicious! I'm sure that I will try it, so i will tell you how this tastes, soon. Thanks for wonderful recipe! Photos are so interesting and very useful to more explain you about cooking. Nice post.

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  4. Auch wenn ich nicht viel Fleisch esse, sieht das mit dieser Kruste wirklich gut aus und könnte ich mir auch gut für mein nächstes Schnitzel vorstellen.


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